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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are the differences between YE Education and other channels when it comes to tutorial services?
All tutors from YE Education were interviewed and assessed based on a structured process to ensure their teaching quality. Also, on our platform, tutor’s background and education qualification proofs are clearly presented in order to help users look for an ideal tutor.
Our services are available on mobile app and website
Our professional servicing team is also available to support users on their enquiries.
2. How to make a tutorial booking?
You can book a tutorial through our mobile app or website.
Prior to making a booking, you have to register at our platform and choose your tutor. Once the payment is settled, the tutor will attend the tutorial at the agreed date and time.
3. Apart from the tutorial fees, does YE Education charge any additional fees for the service?
We do not charge any additional fee. All you need to pay is the tutorial fee.
4. Do we pay tutors directly?
No. The tutorial fee would be given to YE Education prior to the class in order to ensure your benefits. As long as we confirm the required services were carried out properly by the tutor, we will then transfer the tutorial fees to him / her. If there are any questions arise during the tutorial, our servicing team will also follow up and facilitate between two parties.
5. How many tutorials do I need to pay for?
You only need to pay for one tutorial each time.
6. How do I leave my comments?
After each tutorial, you can go to “My Account” and leave your comments. Your feedback is valuable and helpful for other students and parents to choose their tutors. We are grateful for your feedback and comments.
7. Can I change the tutorial time?
You can change the date and time 48 hours prior to the tutorial. If you want to change it in less than 48 hours without a justified reason, we will still charge and pay the tutorial fee to tutors.
8. If I plan to engage a tutor in the long run, can I make an agreement with the tutor privately?
We do not recommend you to do so because:
  • Tutors have signed an agreement with our company and they are not allowed to make private deals with students.
  • We do not charge users any fees, therefore making any private deals with tutors will only result in losing the protection we provided for you.
  • Tutors will also lose a chance for gaining positive feedback and comments.
9. If I come across any enquiries, will YE Education provide any assistance?
If tutors or students have problems or comments regarding their tutorials, our servicing team will help facilitate and follow up on the matter accordingly.
1. How to become a tutor?
Once we received your resume and completed the selection process, we will arrange an interview for you. Please bring along your education qualification proofs, certificates, passport photos, address proofs, work proofs (if applicable) or references (if applicable) etc.
Once you passed the interview and attended required trainings, your information will then be uploaded to our platform for tutorial bookings.
2. How do I get paid? What charges should I pay YE Education?
Tutorial fees from students will be handled by YE Education. This approach mainly aims to protect students’ and your benefits. Once the tutorial is completed successfully and satisfactorily, the tutorial fees will be given to you after deducting 10% service fee.
3. Once I have become a tutor, how do I know I am booked by a student? How does it work?
All information of tutors will be uploaded to our platform and mobile app. Students will be able to choose their tutors based on their needs, and, once they confirmed the date and time of the tutorial, tutors will be notified through our system. Once the procedure is completed, tutors are required to attend the tutorial at the agreed date, time and location.
4. What information will be uploaded to the platform? Is my personal information being kept safely?
To let students understand more about you, some of your personal information will be uploaded to our platform and they include: your recent photo, gender, age, education level and experience, language abilities, professional qualifications, previous examination and other extra-curriculum activity performances, specialized subjects, teaching level and availability etc.
We will seek your approval prior to disclosing your information. The information you provided is strictly forbidden for sell. For more details, please read our privacy policy.
5. How do I get more students?
Good quality of teaching and professional performances will be directly reflected in our assessment mechanism. In addition, a clear personal resume, such as your professional qualifications, previous results in competitions and awards will also boost the confidence of students and hence, increase your chance of being chosen.
6. Once I confirmed the tutorial, can I change it?
The agreed tutorial cannot be changed under normal circumstances. Tutors are expected to arrive at the agreed venue on time for the tutorial and be the role models for students.
However, in the event of unexpected conditions, please review the “Arrangement for Tutorial Change” under “Terms and Conditions”, or contact our customer servicing team for assistance.
7. Do I need to notify YE Education when I attend the tutorial?
Yes. The steps are simple: you only need to login to our app and click “My Account”, and press “Class Starts” when you begin the tutorial, and press “Class Ends” when you finished the tutorial. Our system will then record your total no. of tutorial hours for reference.
8. How will the customer servicing team assist me?
You can contact us for anything. Our well-trained professional servicing team will be able to help you on any enquiries you might have.

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